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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Free is good

Today's blog post comes from the local Free Library of Philadelphia, which had a computer available instantly, for 45 whole minutes! I am soon to be no longer officially homeless. Actually, it ended up that I wasn't all that homeless. One night in a hostel, one night on the bare floor of Cyn's old apartment, and a couple crashed at her new place. All hail Cyn and Phil! I'll totally help you guys move again next year!

Speaking of helping them move, it was actually kind of nice. Over Labor Day weekend, it was pretty much impossible to find a realtor who was open. So we (I'll get to "we" later) had nothing to do and nowhere to stay. It was very relaxing. We hung out in Rittenhouse Square, relaxed at a bookstore, and then, when Cyn and Phil were moving, we were able to devote ourselves completely to the moving process. Phil thanked me for helping a few times, but really, what else could I do? It wasn't like I was putting anything off to help them. The way I'm saying this seems negatively value-laden, but I found it very positive to not have to worry about stuffjobtime, and just help people out.

Anyway, onto the "we." There will now be a new character in the cast here. My friend Carl from Antioch is going to be my roommate here for the next few months. Allow me to describe Carl.

Carl is cute. Everyone notices this. Boys, girls, straight, gay. But, sadly, he's kind of in a relationship.
He had blue hair when I met him.
He plays Kilik in Soul Calibur, where he is not very good. His name is "money" in Halo, where he is very good.
As soon as he heard that the guys helping out in the move were members of a Rugby team, he wanted to join. Cyn and I ran off giggling, as he didn't yet know that they were the Gay Rugby team. I think he caught on pretty quick.
He described himself as "heteroflexible" to the Gay Rugby team, causing much merriment.
He and Cyn kind of got into a drinking race. They both crashed. But he crashed first.

What else can I update here? Ah yes. I was looking through Friendster and discovered my ex. Who joined, like, a week ago. AND HAS MORE FRIENDSTERS THAN I DO. God dammit. I should have seen it coming. I think I kind of opened the Antioch Friendster floodgates, and many of my friends are her friends too . . . but please, join Friendster and become my friend, because, uh . . . well, I don't care that much, actually. It is amusing to me.

Also: why did I have to be homeless the week the new Outkast album and Soul Calibur 2 got released?
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:49 PM
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