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Friday, September 12, 2003

Choices, choices

I left my old computer at Antioch when I came to Philly. Then I got my laptop. All I brought between them was a zip disk with my documents. It was understandable. Eventually I'd get them. Now that I have the Internet, though, I can try to start to replace them. Or I can wait.

There's a lot of stuff, some of it not replacable, some of it will require some or a lot of effort. MP3s, generally easy. Except for my game music collection. "Halo soundtrack? I'm getting it, but I ain't paying for it!" Likewise, I have a pile of SNES/Genesis ROMs, and ROMs can be a pain to get. I have a good 500 megs of abandonware. And so on and so on. It doesn't really matter what it is. What matters is that I could put out effort now to get it back, or visit antioch and get it back anyway.

I'm asking this now, because I just downloaded WinAmp, and I have the best Winamp skin collection EVER.
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:24 AM
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