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Sunday, September 21, 2003

ADD Redux

Notice the raunchy new tagline! Do I think I'm Cyn? Nah, there's a reason for this. First of all, my secret internet buddy, Meghan who gave me the Adds Merriment tag, has disappeared. She seems to think "getting laid" is more important than talking to me. What the hell?

For the second part of the story, well, it involves Onion/Nerve personals. Out of boredom a few days ago, I decided to check and see if anyone terribly interesting had posted. They hadn't, but I discovered that Nerve has a new thing where they sort the profiles by who logged in most recently. So my checking-out-of-boredom bumped me to the top. And suddenly, someone sent me a message. Checking that bumped me to the top. And another message. It's a nasty cycle. Anyway, I was exchanging e-mails with someone with a bit of fire in her belly, and she called me "ballsy" in one e-mail and "cocky" in the next. I'd say that I don't get turned on by girls who degrade me, but . . . uh. . . look at the time!
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:40 PM
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