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Thursday, August 14, 2003

No, Seriously!

I still need a job. Last night it hit me that I also will need housing, so I need to know where I'm going sooner than I'd though, or blow money on a hotel and double-shipping my stuff.

So, really this time, if you know of any good way to look for employment for the rest of the year, go on and e-mail me. I wouldn't mind staying in Philly, but looking for internships found me Lockheed Martin. Thanks but no thanks! An important thing I'm noticing is that, as I don't know what I want, I'll take a look at most anything.

I wish I could program. That would make things easier. Need a "learn-how-to-program" job . . . hmmm.
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:36 PM
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