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Friday, August 22, 2003

It's been fun

Well, kids, it's time to take a break. Kick up our heels, and think about what we've accomplished. Except not. Still need a job.

Anyway, after today, I no longer have regular internet access. I have friends who, and may be able to post, but my every-workday-since-I-started record is almost certainly gone, daddy gone.

If you start missing your daily Rowan desperately, I've realized that I have an "end call" button on my phone so why not put it where the world can see? two-one-five six-eight-one four-two-five-two.

Who knows where I'll be when this blog resumes. Isn't that exciting?

EDIT: I leave you with this. I got a t-shirt as a going away present, from the organization I work for. It says "LOVE was the first motion." -John Woolman, 1763. Hot hot Quaker action, bay-bee!

Speaking of hot hot Quaker action, one of the highlights of last night's discussion was wondering just how cool it would be to be making out in a Quaker Meeting House during the silent time. Ohhhh, yeah. Sacrilicious.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:29 PM
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