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Monday, August 04, 2003

I don't care what anyone says!

Random thoughts from Cyn's party:

I mentioned that I go to Antioch to someone from Oberlin. He asked me "So, is Antioch just, like, a mudhole?" I'm not sure how to respond to that. But the answer is probably yes. Though we do have a couple of buildings.

Cyn making drinks: "Well, I'll just fill the cup with vodka, and add a dash of juice for color, and perfect!"

I think I may have scarred Jill. I'm not entirely certain how the conversation came to be about me making out with someone. But a guy said he'd make out with, I got put on the spot, and my brain's thought pattern went something like this "Jill's held out for months. I can transfer the focus to her, she says no, nobody loses any face." Now, the more astute amongst you readers may recognize some fallacies there, or perhaps some false assumptions. My basic idea was right. Jill held out. I made out with no one. The slight problem was that this was not an instantaneous process. It took roughly five hours. So, Jill, to make it up to you, I completely accidently named my character class after you in Morrowind! And I saved you with the "spatula" manuever.

I discovered that my blog has done me great good. I was informed that I made a bad impression on someone, but then upon reading my blog, they discovered that I was actually cool. Huzzah! The narration/apology of my life has succeeded!

I also have the amazing ability to look witty in pictures. Please. Caption this photo.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:05 PM
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