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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Clever Bastard

Yesterday, clever fellow that I am, I posted an internet ad looking for housing, with a response going to an e-mail address that I could automate. I put an automatic response up which "thanks for contacting me, my internet access is sporadic, if you're asking for housing, please call me here." The response was also designed for a friend of mine who's coming to Philly who needs a place for roughly the same time. Clever, yes? So clever that my Antioch friend e-mailed me at roughly 2 in the morning last night, got the instant response, thought I was still awake, and called me at 2AM, when I was just awake enough not to be surprised, but not awake enough to realize I had been just called at 2AM. I didn't get to sleep until 5 or so, too. Insomnia is wonderful.

I was rudely awakened by maintenence coming into my apartment at roughly 9AM. He was there to change the locks, he'd been told the place was empty. He came back an hour later with friends, who said "You're not on the lease, you gotta call the person who his, or pack up your stuff and go. Now."

So, I'm currently homeless!

It's exciting. I'm currently hanging at Cyn's, going apartment searching in a few hours, then I will hit the youth hostel and drop most, but not all, of my stuff off. Jesus. I hope I get contacted by the people I'm subletting from soon, cause I left my TV, computer speakers, winter coat, and various other items that I will probably want/need. I also didn't get the chance to do much cleaning.

I can't decide how I feel about it. I am generally responding with good cheer when I have something to do or someone to talk to, but soon as I start sitting and thinking, I get a not-fun feeling in my stomach. Come on, giddiness. Take over! I need you.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:27 PM
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