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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

But if you try sometimes. . .

Most of my life, I've been wondering if I'd find a person who would grab me and say "Hey, you're gonna come with me and be social. It'll be fun!"

This summer in Philly, I've been looking for someone so my life wouldn't be boring. I wrote a little bit ago about running around Rittenhouse Square, and a few months ago about jumping in the fountain near where I work.

These past few weeks, I've been looking for someone with whom I can instantly connect to. Someone who could, knowing full well that I could leave, never to come back, in a few weeks, and still want to be my friend.

In other words, long term and short term, I have been looking for Spontaneity. I found her.

Chatting with her, at one point, she mentioned playing tag in Rittenhouse Square. Another time, she mentioned that if I hung out with her, I might end up soaking wet from the fountain in Love Park. Creeeeepy. In a good way. The first time she called me, she said "Hey, I'm in a car, heading to a club, want me to pick you up?" I was too shy then, but Saturday, it was "Hey, I'm going to a party, come with me."

If this girl was what I've been looking for, I wondered why she was hanging out with me. She would lead me through the party, pointing out and talking to people, then taking me aside and telling me how cool they were, or how much "drama" we were getting into. The word drama came up a lot. During one of these little asides, I asked her if I "was her release." She said "In more ways than one" and then kissed me. Oh. Um. Wow. Good answer. In more ways than one. Hee.

I was a bit worried about this party. But no need to be shy about this party, as I discovered. Was I dressed for it? I had a black t-shirt on. Of the maybe 50 people I saw there, perhaps 10 weren't wearing black, and I'm not sure if there was a guy there not in a t-shirt. Personality? Dorky? Dorkiest party I've ever been to. My friend would wander around and talk to people. If she didn't know them, they'd exchange names. Then Livejournal names. Then AIM names. Then maybe Friendster names. If I were playing hipster bingo, I could have nailed the "Blogger with a digital camera" one about 10 times. Not that I was immune. One girl said her Livejournal name was Jenova Synthesis, or some variation thereof. I instantly responded "Ah, Final Fantasy VII." Awwww, yeah. That's me. Smooooooth. Except for the part where she acknowledged that, then ignored me. That's just how dorky it was, I guess.

I feel that I should mention her name. It's Christie. I want to do that because I have trouble with names sometimes. Not necessarily in remembering. I'd say I'm distinctly average at remembering names. More that I don't say them too much. I'm not really sure why that is. I typically prefer pet names, or nicknames. Also, Christie is short for Christina. Which is where Prisstina came from, and oh how she tempts me with her dirty rock and roll. . .

And in other news . . . I did my dishes and laundry. Which means that Rob Zombie will now have plenty of time for smackdowns instead of menial tasks.

I wish I had a wife who taught me how to control the weather. Stupid video games being cooler than reality. The only time I ever see her is when she teaches me new stuff. "Hi honey, welcome home. My old neighbor taught me how to set my enemies on fire. Would you like me to teach you? Tee hee."

And finally, if I'd had something to do on Monday, I would have gone an Entire Goddamn Week where every day I hung out with people. Which might have been a non-in-college record. Might have been? Would have been! Pity. . .

Late breaking news: My backup job plan was this job in the suburbs I've kind of been in contact with. I got a message on my phone this morning saying that they didn't think I'd work out for them there. Oh. Um. Shit. Onto plan C now: getting a plan C!
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:18 PM
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