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Monday, July 14, 2003

Radiation vibe I'm grooving on

Saturday night, I went to go see Fountains of Wayne with Cyn. Turned out to be an interesting night.

It got started before I'd even left my building. I put on my Concert Outfit, which consists of blue jeans and my "Your Favorite Band Sucks" t-shirt. The primary difference between this and my normal clothes is that I try to make sure I wear this particular t-shirt to concerts. Anyway, I was wearing this, and stopped at the desk of my apartment building to drop something off, where a man and a woman were talking to the doorman/waiting for a call. The woman saw my shirt, laughed, and we had a brief conversation about bands. Then she turned to me and said "Have you ever heard of Fountains of Wayne?" I figured that she was planning on going to the show. She went on, saying things like "I heard a song from their new CD, but I can't play it here, and I'm wondering if I should go buy it." It finally dawned on me that she was not, in fact, going to the show. So completely randomly, a total stranger starts having a conversation with me about a band that I am WALKING OUT THE DOOR TO GO SEE. Hello? Cosmic forces of irony? Thanks for that one!

The Fountains of Wayne show was fairly fun. They played two of the three songs that I knew of theirs, and Cyn danced a lot and I danced some, which is a lot for me. It was pretty damn short, though. But at any rate, the thing I'm going to remember from the night is Ben Lee, the opening act. He got up on stage with his cute little British accent and started playing with the audience. This is what I like to see from bands. Something to show that they're not just there for the paycheck. He came on stage and started talking about the Limp Bizkit/Metallica show going on concurrently in Philly. A few songs later, he asked if he was the only one who'd gone. The guy I happened to be standing next to screamed out "I missed it!" Ben Lee kept talking about it, and then the guy screamed "It's all about the nookie!" Ben Lee ran with this and asked the guy if he had a date, and if they wanted to come on stage and dance, or maybe do some nookie, during the next song. So they did. He started playing a fairly slow romantic song, and these two audience members, on stage, obviously had no idea what to do. So they did a terrible, offbeat, loud tango. It was so bad, that Ben Lee stopped the song and complained to them "Come on guys, be more romantic!" So they got confused and left. In the middle of the song. But it gets better! Further into the song, Ben Lee stopped it again, and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, and apparently, talked with his mom. He ended it saying "I love you." Fantastic!

And I forgot to add that there's a problem with going to see shows. They make me want to be in a band. I don't play any instruments, and I'm not going to claim I have a great voice. Maybe I do for punk, or maybe not. Wouldn't know until I tried. But the point is that it gives me hopes and dreams for something that's really just not gonna happen.

- Rowan Kaiser, 1:25 PM
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