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Monday, July 21, 2003

Ooo baby, you want me? Oo baby you want me? Well, you can get this laptop here for free!

If only, hey?

I now have the ability to go to a website, load up the laptop of my dreams, and click buy, and have it delivered to my place of work. Which, of course, is nice. But gives me pause. What sort of laptop do I want?

I've determined that a computer is pretty much necessary for me. I want to be a writer, or do something with writing. I don't "do" handwriting. (I also get repetitive stress syndrome from typing too much, I think, but oh well!) Fair enough. But do I go all out and splurge for a gaming computer? Or do I keep it low-key. Video card? Who cares! I just want me internet.

At its core, the dilemma comes down to: do I want to be a Gamer, or someone who plays games? Do I want to play games? There's a pretty strong part of me that says that I can't really do what I want to do in life if I'm a Gamer.

On the other hand, life without games is really, really boring. It would be a mistake, if I am just going to be a gamer, to not get something with a real 3D card, or not enough memory to hack it.

In other news, I hate making decisions. See my blog entry for May 22nd.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:34 PM
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