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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Oh, You're No Fun Anymore

I am beginning to hate meetings here at work. Gasp! Meetings? Really? No, I actually used to like meetings. When I worked in Chicago, by the end of my time there, they were almost parties. One day they turned into one. Last term, it meant I got to hang out with my newspaper staff. This job, though? 20 people into a room, very slowly asking and answering questions.

I actually could have gotten more work done not at the meeting by staying on the Net and checking web sites out. I might have found another Army video game thanks to Penny Arcade, for example. Or I might have run out of web sites to read and actually done work. I might have done anything except sit in that room and do nothing but listen to boring pointless stuff.

Funny thing is, a significant portion of the meeting was devoted to streamlining, to avoid pointless meetings. Here's a hint: don't have 2 hour long meetings that the bulk of which can be conducted by e-mail.

- Rowan Kaiser, 3:42 PM
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