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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

More Conference

I mentioned in an earlier post about still being shy at this thing. Normally, my shyness involves me being scared to take people's time up with talking to them, if they're not talking to me. But that relies on them knowing me already. If they know me, and aren't talking to me, that's for a reason. But if they don't know me, or if there's a bunch of people that don't know each other, I'm okay. So my shyness shouldn't have been an issue at the conference.

But I worry that, if I talk to these people, they'll discover that I'm not a very good activist. I'm decidedly inactive, really. I'll read and write, but calling people? Going out and talking to people? Eek. Not me! I did tell one person about my inactivism. He said I sounded like a homebody, a Cancer. I replied that I was a Saggitarius. He said "Well, maybe the whole thing is bunk, then." Good old astrology!

- Rowan Kaiser, 10:24 AM
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