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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Fun with Blogs

Some people seem to be getting bored with their blogs. No, I won't link to you all. But you - and we - know who you are. Tsk tsk!

To counter that, I think we need arbitrariness. I like arbitrariness. When it suits me. (get it? arbitrary . . . oh, nevermind) My idea is to have a loosely connected blogging community (check) that every so often (once a week perhaps) has an easy little assignment. Something like: why did you name your blog what you did? Or something not directly related, like, what was your first job? I dunno. I can't think of that many good ones. Others would have to help.

The idea, basically, would be to have a small group all reading and commenting and linking to each other. Providing support and motivation. Peer pressure, though nobody would be forced to write (much).

- Rowan Kaiser, 3:22 PM
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