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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Final Iraqi VII

So, I was chatting with Meghan, who noticed that there's a price on Saddam's head of $25 million. She said she was rounding up a posse to go to the Middle East and take him out. Which immediately got my video-game addled mind thinking: that would make a great game!

Think about it. You create your character, then go to Iraq, and recruit your party. You know, there's the Kurdish Peshmerga, Shiite Cleric, Sunni Guerilla, American Medic, British Fighter, and so forth. Race and class, just like an RPG! And everyone knows that in RPGs, the plot always involves the overthrow of an evil empire. So along the way of fighting to find Saddam, you'll uncover some deep dark secrets.

It could be just like Jagged Alliance 2! That game had mustard gas, though, and we all know that Iraq doesn't. Someone get me on the line with Sir-Tech.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:54 AM
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