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Friday, July 25, 2003

Adventures in Laptopville

Fun for the whole family!

First of all, I order my laptop. I get a phone call an hour later, where they say that, since my shipping address is different from my billing address, I should call my bank. Makes sense. Since it's past five by my bank's time, I call them tomorrow, speak with someone, and think that I've just confirmed the shipping address. Good? Good!

I e-mail the laptop company, and say that it should be taken care. I get an e-mail back a few hours later saying that they tried to get the money, but I apparently didn't have it. After running out to an ATM to make certain I still had the funds, I discovered that it's because my card only lets so much a day be taken out. So I handled that.

Today, I discover that my billing address is the problem, the one I gave, my school address, is different from the one I used, my parents' address. So I fixed that, and then got e-mailed AGAIN with the unconfirmed shipping address thing.


Oh well. At least these were all easily fixable problems. And I should be getting my laptop next week.

Have yourself a ball, Prisstina, DO ALL THE THINGS I WOULD
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:15 PM
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