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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Those Wacky Commissioners Are At It Again

(edit! Someone mentioned that I should have a link here. They're right. Link added to a quite good blog. WARNING: Blog is political in nature.)

Who here likes the radio? Everybody, right? We all love the same generic Top 40, generic nu-metal, and generic oldies stations, right? They bring us comfort. No matter what city we're in, we can hear exactly the same songs we did at home, possibly even from exactly the same DJ! And it's all thanks to the deregulation of the radio that the FCC passed in 1996. It allowed a magical company named Clear Channel to buy everything that you listen to, ever. Just about. Now, the FCC is doing it again, with television and print media.

Remember the fantastic job the American media did with the Iraq war? Well, now we'll get even more of that. Rupert Murdoch ownz j00.
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:01 PM
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