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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

My Shoes Smell Vaguely of Death

Maybe not death exactly, to be frank, but it's definitely not a living smell. And it's not particularly vague, either. Anyone smelling my shoes would notice the smell without much difficulty. Not that people are smelling my shoes - I hope. Because if they were . . . there goes my social life. HAHAHA. But seriously.

The smell is like concrete dust. Not a big surprise. I've been walking all around the center of Philadelphia for over a month now. Through construction areas, occasionally. And I only wear one pair of shoes. They're not very good shoes. But they're all I have. Why don't I have new shoes? I'm trying to undergo a fashion transformation, away from sheer, unmitigated laziness onto having some vague sense of style. I should get new shoes that fit this. But how? I need to belong to a specific social group, so that I can adapt to their norms. "Punks wear that sort of shoe? Wow! That is so much easier than making up my mind!"
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:38 PM
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