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Thursday, June 12, 2003

I Have Gained A Pop Culture Level!

Last night, I saw one of the movies that I Must See: Blazing Saddles. I quite liked it, though the ending was terrible, at least the whole movie wasn't terrible (see History of the World).

With this new level gain, I am investing my new skills into References. Now if I see Fight Club, I can go up another level, and maybe get a Perk out of it.

I'm still a pop culture retard, though, as was aptly demonstrated to me after the movie last night, when the movie nighters went for ice cream and started talking about 80's music and sitcoms, while all I wanted to talk about was Dynasty Warriors. Oh, sweet Gan Ning. You're my only friend.

At any rate, Blazing Saddles and Fight Club are the only two movies I can remember being Movies People Have To See that I'm missing, but I'm certain there are hundreds of others. You know where to leave suggestions.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:10 AM
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