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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Arkaeyn's STYLE went from 17 to 22!

Arkaeyn obtained the New Pants.
Arkaeyn obtained the New Shirt.
Arkaeyn obtained the New Shoes.
Arkaeyn also obtained a burrito, but that's not particularly relevant anymore.

Random thoughts from venturing outside my apartment. Someone in the clothing store was listening to an emo compilation. It was damn funny. Emo makes me giggle. I also saw a girl who came out of a changing room to check out a dress that made her look drop-dead gorgeous, then she put it back on the rack. How does one tell a stranger she's making a terrible fashion mistake? One doesn't, because one is painfully shy and desperately doesn't want to look creepy. I also once again held Richard Hell's Blank Generation in my hands and didn't purchase it once again. The thrill of the chase is over, and the prize isn't what I wanted it to be. While walking home, I saw someone with pink hair walk into Whole Foods who was not Cyn. I could tell because she was dumpy and looked about 50.

What a terribly interesting day! I should leave the apartment more often.
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:17 AM
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