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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Life Without Wartime

I'm entering the fourth week of one of the more bizarre times of my life. When I moved to Philadelphia, I made the choice to leave my computer behind. The reasoning behind this was that it is big, and I'll have to move twice more in the next few months. Also, I wasn't using it for too much, particularly games. I've mostly made the move over to console games. My Xbox and PS2 were packed, and are here. And still packed.

For the first extended time since I was 6, I'm living life without video games. This might not sound like anything important. But I've played a lot of video games. As I used to say, they're not what something I do. They're something I do when I'm not doing anything. In other words, the default Rowan is gamer Rowan. But not right now.

It has unchained my mind, which is not entirely a good thing. While I think, and write, much more, suddenly I brood. I have much more in the way of ADD tendencies. Most of all, I feel creative at some level. I remember reading interviews with game designers who said they didn't play games. I didn't understand it. How could they create what they didn't play? It makes sense now.

When I get my own place, so my things can be unpacked instead of shoved into Cyn's corner, I might become a gamer again. It leads away from boredom and brooding, after all. But on the other hand . . . now I feel like I have time to do things.

- Rowan Kaiser, 7:57 PM
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