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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Cabin Fever

It was all fun and games when I got here. But in the last week specifically, when I've seemed to come so-close to getting my own place, have I realized that really really want it. Help me! I want to live! I don't want to have to live guiltily in a corner! I want to be free to have my own place where I can set up my geeky games, and be anti-social and . . . and . . .

Much love to Cyn and Phil, of course, but if I get that phone call tomorrow that says "you're normal, move into the dishwasher place," we'll all be much happier. Well, hopefully.
(segue: I love it when people say that "hopefully" isn't a real word. Like whatever random rule of grammar they happen to be invoking matters. You lost the battle, buddy. Now go worry about the gender-neutral third person pronoun. Go on. It'll be fun.)

- Rowan Kaiser, 11:53 PM
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